10 Reasons to Hire a Designer

I'm going to begin by putting a common misconception to rest. Having a mega-mansion is not a prerequisite to hiring an interior designer. There. I said it. Let truth prevail. Designers maximize any space they touch. Mansion on a hill to small cottage home. And the reality of it all is this; There are more reasons to hire a designer than you think. Read on to discover how professional design services just might benefit you.


1. A solution may be simpler than you think.

Whenever I get invited somewhere new for the first time, it is inevitable that I hear, " Oh I'm so embarrassed for you to see my house." While I'm busting misconceptions, let me say, as a rule of thumb, I really don't walk into houses and pick them apart. My brain usually only goes there when someone asks me what I would do with the space.  All of that said, more often than not, the solution to upgrading your space is far simpler than you think.  Combining space planning, with some accessorizing and organizational strategies often has drastic transformation power. The good news? A designer can help you with those things. And here's another nugget of truth; Hiring a designer to make simple changes/upgrades is a lot cheaper than buying all new everything. 

2. You can make bolder decisions with far less fear.

I can't tell you how many time's I've had people show me photos of spaces they love followed by the unfortunate proclamation, "But there is no way I could pull this off in my home."  The exact look? Maybe not. But a designer has the skill and know-how to tailor a bold look to fit your home.  It's really not all that different from the work of a suit-maker. Each body is different, and with a few alterations, anything can be made to fit. Don't avoid a look you love simply because you are worried it will look crazy. Hire a professional who can accomplish a look you love with ease, and you don't have to pace back and forth for hours after painting a sample swatch of color on the walls.

3. Designers serve as great mediators when style conflicts arise between residents.

My husband and I have slightly different style preferences. Who am I kidding. I'll be a bit more transparent. My husband and I are polar opposites on the spectrum of design. Enter, bonus perk of being a designer. Because of my design-know-how, I am able to marry both of our preferences in a way that accomplishes a look we both love.  Designers are able to fit together different looks, and make a great, unbiased tie-break vote when decisions simply need to be made. Taking both of your styles into consideration, interior designers take a huge load of stress (and arguing) out of the process.

4. You'd be amazed at the time a designer can save you  (and time is money.)

When I'm out in public (yes, I do venture out from time to time), I know where quite a few things came from. It is like I have a constant catalog of product lines stored in the crevices of my brain. While it may be annoying to my family, it can be of HUGE benefit to you.  When you have a look, or a specific item in mind, it can be tedious, and really annoying to track it down. Failed store after failed store, and you can easily feel ready to give up and continue using that nasty thrift store sofa that has a strange odor you can't quite name. As a designer, I will not only direct you to the right places to look, but I will look for you and present you with some options.  Additionally, I often do purchasing on behalf of my clients which takes another step out of the process for you.  This leaves making a final decision to  your biggest tasks. Not too shabby if you ask me. 

5. A good designer takes your lifestyle into consideration when designing your home.

Have you ever looked at a magazine showing a smiling family with 6 kids, 3 dogs, and a pig all smiling and enjoying life in their living room with bright white sofas? Ridiculous. But you may find some comfort in knowing that a lot of the time, these photos are simply design sets used simply for the purpose of advertisement.  A professional designer will take your lifestyle into account, and find looks that fit both your taste AND the realities of your life. This can be really easy to overlook when you get excited, so having a designer to remind you of function can be of utmost importance. 

6. When you know what you want, but not how to get it...designers do.

It is really easy for most people to pinpoint a look they love.  Then comes making it a reality in their own home.  This is the point where a lot of people freeze with uncertainty. But not a designer. Between their eye for design and their database of product knowledge, a designer can take a look you love, and recreated it. I offer a personal shopping option in which I find out your style, then either join you, or shop on your behalf to purchase items that will achieve the feel you love. Simple.

7. A designer can prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Tearing down walls and putting in permanent fixtures can be pretty costly decisions to reverse. It is project like these where it can be crucial to invite a designer to join you.  From wild paint ideas, to demolition desires, a professional will be able to give a stamp of approval or a word of caution which can be extremely helpful in the process.  

8. Well designed homes increase re-sale value.

Have you ever walked through a house with a realtor only to find that the wall color and carpet choice totally turned you away? These seem like simple things, but it is amazing how quickly poor, yet easily fixable design decisions turn away a future buyer. The thought of priming and painting over a horrific color can seem too much to handle. I've helped several clients stage their homes for resale, and it often makes such a huge difference in the duration of their listing. But it isn't just immediate sale that needs to be considered, and a designer will be able to guide you through materials and finishes that will help with ease of sale when the time comes.

9. Interior designers see past what you might not be able to.

This flows right along with the concept above. Sometimes, it can be really easy to only see what is right in front of you. But it is far different for a designer. I'll never forget house shopping for the first time. My first house was a small row home in Baltimore City. It was dark, and dirty with nasty carpet and hideous tile and wallpaper. AND. I. LOVED IT. The bones of the space were so beautiful that instead of seeing the nastiness in front of me, I saw solutions, and an end product I'd love.  Designers see hope in spaces that to many others seem bleak.  A lot of times my clients say that they just can't envision what the space will look like (which is why I offer a 3-d space rendering package.)  A professional, though, will already be able to see the end product in their mind as if it is already completed. Because of this, they can tell you in advance if a look will work or not. It is a whimsical, magical process to watch the transformation go from vision to reality, and you will be better off for choosing to include a designer in the process.

10. You may just end up with a new friend.

One of my favorite things I learned early on in my design career was that there is a certain intimacy involved with inviting someone into your home and divulging insight into your daily lifestyle.  Welcoming someone into your home is incredibly personal. Inviting them to participate in making your house a home by telling them all about you adds even more vulnerability.  Think about the people who are in your house on a repeat basis. Quite often the list includes only family and close friends.  However it works, the process of design forms a certain bond that, in my experience, often leads to really fun relationships. The fun quotient rises pretty quickly when you get to work alongside a friend to bring projects and dreams to completion.  


Now, I will offer one last tidbit of truth. Hiring a designer is probably much more affordable than you think (at least, hiring me).  I offer quite a wide range of services to meet people where they are at in the design process.  After considering all of the rational above, I suggest you evaluate where you are at in your own house to home journey. There is a host of simple solutions that could immensely improve the feel of your home. Then, contact me, and find out just how affordable it could be to get some help to make it all happen! I have a feeling you'll be glad you did.