Room Neglect. Are You Guilty?

The moment my fingers typed out the title for this blog post, I felt that perhaps it may be a bit harsh, and I most certainly do not want to leave anyone with feelings of guilt. Life can get inexplicably hectic at times, and we can ALL recall a time when a room (or two or three) in our home gets out of control. Let me inject some clarity though to ease your mind, because what I'm addressing today is not really a cleaning or organizational issue. It is a room design prioritizing issue.

What I am referring to is the one room in the house that is far too frequently left for the dead last spot on the "let's fix up this room" list. As many people budget and plan the phases of their upgrades and projects at home, most lists are far too similar.  The Kitchens,dining rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms take the spotlight, and other secondary rooms follow behind. Now I'm not saying I don't understand why. These are the rooms we share with others through entertaining, hosting, neighboring, and living out our days. Again, I get it. But the room that we far too often leave to the end (if we even get to it) is the master bedroom which is far from secondary!  We spend, an approximated 33% of our lives sleeping in our beds (and that's not even counting the leisure and relaxing time we spend in the room.) Updating spaces in your home can be an exhausting task, but at the end of that exhausting day, it doesn't help much to settle down in a room that you very well know isn't seeing its upgrades until everything else is done. 

Our surroundings are far more influential on us than we often care to admit or acknowledge. There is extensive psycological research on environment and outlook/attitude. Knowing this, I would suggest, that even if the bedroom IS in fact  last on your list of spaces to work on in your home, that you at least focus on a few special touches to boost the space as it patiently awaits its turn for attention. Below are just 5 simple steps to get your started



Even if you don't have a beautiful bed yet, find bedding that feels fun and stylish and great to you, and dress your bed every day. For years, my husband and I had a box-spring and mattress on the floor (yes, we were/are guilty of room neglect at times.) But I always made sure to dress that mattress up in a way that felt special and relaxing. 



Make sure you give the bedroom several layers of lighting through lamps and overhead lighting. Having varying degrees of lighting options can be a really nice way to ease into your day, or slip into your night (especially if you are sharing a room and don't always have the same schedule.)



Few things have a faster impact in a bedroom than doing something fun with the windows. Curtains, fun blinds, or cornices are an inexpensive way to bring pattern and/or color into the space. There are some awesome ways to DIY those types of things for little to no cost. (I'll share one of my favorite  DIY's for windows on the blog soon!)  



While the bed is clearly the star of the show in a bedroom, adding a chair, bench, or other seating element to the room can add warmth and functionality. Again, it doesn't have to be a huge expense if that isn't your "focus room". 



Make a statement! Find a few inexpensive art pieces, or one big graphic statement piece for a wall in your room.  It gives your surroundings personality, and will likely make you smile (at least inside if nothing else) every time you see it. This does not have to be an expensive touch, but can go a long way in making the room feel far more inviting. And by all means,  if you are feeling really generous, paint the room to coordinate with the fun bedding or accents you have. A bit more cost involved, but a huge impact until the rest of the room follows.


The above suggestions are all the "holdover" and "maintenance" techniques I would recommend while your room awaits proper furniture and cohesive style.  Once you finally come to terms with the long time neglect and choose to strengthen the relationship you have with the room you spend MOST time in, I have even more great tips to improve the outcome of your project. 

Are you tired, weary, and ready for a restful space and retreat? Contact me sooner rather than later, and I'd love to help you make it happen!