Making Your Home More Awesome

If you did not previously follow my series on an easy-to-follow cleaning rotation, be sure to take a look after reading this post! Having a method and rotation to your house cleaning safeguards those easy to forget spots from being forgotten. If you did follow it, I'd love to expand by reviewing one of my newest favorite products for house cleaning.  Either way, read on. I'm about to make your home more awesome. In full disclosure, Murchison-Hume does offer me a commission for anyone who purchases their products through my referral, but the truth is that I contacted them first because I tried the product and fell in love. Now I just want to share the love with all of you!


Remember all of the dusting, wiping, sanitizing, etc. in that fantastic cleaning rotation? I've found a product line that has become a game changer for me. Murchison-Hume products alleviated so many of the issues I've had with traditional cleaning products. Here are my top three grumbles of the past and how the Murchison-Hume product line is addressing them.

Traditional Cleaner Grumble #1: Traditional cleaners are loaded with chemicals.  This cannot be good for us, and certainly is not of benefit to our environment. 

The M-H solution: Murchison-Hume creates naturally-derived products that are free of ammonias, bleach, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, & phthalates as well as being free from non-sustainable Palm Oil derived ingredients.  All of their products are 98%, and even sometimes even more naturally derived.

Traditional Cleaner Grumble #2: Strong unpleasant fragrance associated with so many products is a real downside to the big name products.

The M-H solution: At Murchison-Hume, the fragrance used is cosmetic grade, and I have to tell you, it makes my house smell HEAVENLY. In some products, essential oils are the only form of fragrance. There is nothing like sitting back after cleaning, taking in a deep breath, and loving what I smell!

Traditional Cleaner Grumble #3: I am a sucker for things that look nice. The traditional brand of store-bought cleaners come in packaging that begs to be tossed into a closet or cupboard.

The M-H solution: At Murchison-Hume, they state, "We're all about elevating the everyday", and they couldn't have said it more truthfully.  I so appreciate the attention to detail that this company takes in not only making a fantastic product, but also making it beautiful.  Browse the site further. I think you're going to love what you see.

Are you a boy mom? Check out the Boy's Bathroom Cleaner!  I used the original fig, and nothing else to date has made that yucky boy bathroom smell vanish like this has.  You can also find adorable hand soaps, stainless steel cleaners, kitchen kits, and even products for your pets!  I'm telling you, you need to check it out. You'll thank me if you do!

So head on over to Murchison-Hume and stock up your cleaning arsenal. It will be a decision you'll be oh so glad you've made! And resume that fabulous cleaning rotation with more style than ever.