Hammer & Nails Classes


Hammer& Nails classes are scheduled times of instruction to equip women with the confidence to do projects that may have previously felt intimidating. In the process, we hope to equip you to add decor to your home that you can put your own stamp on. The first event will be held in Halifax, PA on Saturday, August 20th. Those in attendance will be lead through 3 projects and will also be invited to participate in open craft time where they can access tools as well as look to the instructors for further guidance. Below is the schedule for the upcoming Halifax class. There will be 20 slots available for this first class.  You will be divided into 3 groups and will go through a rotation for each time of instruction. Cost for the day is $150.00. Contact me (KMMusser@gmail.com) to register or to schedule a hammer and nails class near you! 


Basic Woodwork Class (Wes Popp)


Practice Project: Simple décor pallet tray.

You will be provided with the materials to complete one practice project during this session. If you wish to play with what you’ve learned during open craft time, more wood and supplies will be available for purchase during that time, or certainly feel free to bring your own.


 Wood Burning Class (Hannah Martin)


Practice Project: 12” plywood plaque burn

If you want to continue practicing this newly learned skill during open craft time, there will be templates, and additional wood to purchase. Or, you are welcome to plan ahead and bring some of your own wood and template supplies along.


Sign Painting Class (Kim Musser)


Practice Project: 12” plywood stencil sign

For further inspiration and practice, there will also be templates and wood available for purchase during open craft time, or feel free to bring your own supplies.




The day Includes:

1 Slot at a table (each table seats 2-3) each table will be sharing tools

3 classes on unique building and crafting techniques

Supplies for the instructed/guided crafts


Access to instructors during free crafting time

Access to purchasing extra supplies during open craft time